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Continent Poster – N. American

Our FINAL CONTINENT POSTER for Season 1 is the N. American Continent, as we focus on the rich heritage, spirituality and respect for the earth by Native Americans and First Nation Peoples. I was humbled and blessed to write both of these stories that depict the Indigenous people of the continent where I live. Episode … Continue reading Continent Poster – N. American

Continent Poster – African

Our fifth poster for Season 1 is centered around the African Continent. It was my great joy to research and explore this continent with Martin Nuza, an incredible and experienced storyteller. We found this part of the world diverse and captivating, filled with intriguing wildlife, exquisite landscapes, spiritual energy, ancient history and unique cultures. Episode … Continue reading Continent Poster – African

Continent Poster – Australian

Our fourth poster for Season 1 is for the Australian Continent. It was such a blessing to focus on this continent with seasoned screenwriter and author, Martin Nuza. Each of these children’s stories depict dynamic characters and harrowing adventures through the intriguing cultures of Tasmania and New Zealand. Episode 4, Koen & the Wandjina, by … Continue reading Continent Poster – Australian

Continent Poster – European

The third poster for Moon Drake Season 1 highlights the European Continent with episodes for Bulgaria and Ireland. Episode 3, Zhivka & Mitko, by the amazing Martin Nuza, tells the story of a young Bulgarian girl and her sidekick, Mitko the duck, as they stand up to a corruptive businessman who only cares about money… … Continue reading Continent Poster – European


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