Reaching for the Moon!

A NEW Anime Series for children!

This series adds depth and light to the message children receive from the visual entertainment they watch. It uses the technology they expect and the adventure they crave, coupling it with an awakening toward diversity and respect for the earth.

Click here for series theme music by Rick Balentine, Temple Gate Films, LLC

The MOON DRAKE series shares modern-day stories based on unique world cultures, combined with relevant issues from around the globe. These stories are presented to children of all backgrounds (ages 8-13) so they understand and respect not only their own cultures and traditions, but the beautiful diversity of the world and the human responsibility and challenges affecting the healing of the earth.

What children will begin to see, is that all our stories echo a Universal message as our characters become examples of how to rise above the darkness and walk toward the Light together.

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Series Poster 2022

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