Welcome to Adventure!

We are very excited to share a new kind of Children’s Series that combines the popular technique of ANIME with worldwide adventures and powerful characters that will inspire your child.

Our storylines focus on the earth’s magnificent diversity, through cultural wisdom, and the unique environmental challenges we all face. If we can learn to encourage each other and move past our differences, live in respect and love for the earth and all things, then we can become a “Humanity” that truly shines!

We welcome you and your children to a new vision through this rewarding production!

Episode 2 – Waya and Two Wolves

Waya is not strong because he is arrogant. He is supposed to be a warrior of his People, but every beat of his heart pumps with fear and anger.

Then, his grandfather, from Spirit World, brings light to his bondage. He shows Waya how to realize his own power, if he will accept it – if he will get out of the way. But, Waya must ultimately make his own choices.

Episode 1 – Lesadi and Her Star

After the death of her father, Obasi, Lesadi is pulled from her mother and little sister by a greedy uncle, Boipelo. Her uncle’s quest is to steal wildlife for profit, specifically cheetah cubs for sale as exotic pets to the Middle East.

The backdrop of this story is the African bush, the savanna, wild animals and unpredictable conditions. When Lesadi loses heart, her father comes to her in a dream to help her remember something she has long forgotten. Then, Lesadi is faced with a dangerous choice and discovers an unexpected hero.