Meet our Main Characters for Seasons 1 & 2!

We have completed our sizzle reel and created posters using the actual characters from each episode. Collaborator Studios, with Jacob and Arnold Pander (The Pander Brothers), did an absolute, amazing job with the reel along with Temple Gate Film’s composer, Rick Balentine, who created the powerful and emotional music score. To view the sizzle reel, please click the YouTube video on the sidebar of this website!

See a short synopsis for each episode below.

Continent Poster – Australian

Our fourth poster, with episodes from Seasons 1 & 2, presents stories from the Australian Continent. It was such a blessing to focus on this continent with seasoned screenwriter and author, Martin Nuza. Each of these children’s stories depict dynamic characters and harrowing adventures through the intriguing cultures of Tasmania and New Zealand.

Episode 2.6, Koen & the Wandjina, by Martin Nuza, takes us on a spiritual journey into an ancient wilderness in Tasmania. It is a mystical adventure filled with Indigenous rituals and traditions. And in the end, when faced with great tragedy, our Earth Hero, Koen, must make a life-changing decision by rising to a place he’s never been before.

Episode 1.5, Ihaka’s Rainbow of the Sea. In this New Zealand episode, I address a debilitating, human conflict caused by an accident, which threatens Ihaka’s dream of one day helping the blue whale. But our discouraged character is ultimately lifted-up by his friends, and he reaches to a higher place. A place that changes everything and everyone.

We believe exploring the earth through the Moon Drake Series will open up a whole new world of understanding, compassion for diversity and acceptance of differences which is the key to true love and joy.

Please join us in this quest as we cannot achieve it without you.



Ihaka’s Rainbow of the Sea

By Jane L. Fitzpatrick – Yesterday we crossed a HUGE milestone for the Moon Drake Series. And, we are OVER THE MOON to be able to share with you that we have written twelve scripts, completing all the episodes for Season One of this production!

This is quite an accomplishment to have finished these twelve powerful stories within a six-month time period. It is also amazing that we stayed on our timeline and brought forth extremely thought-provoking, diverse and meaningful stories for children. Yes, they will be entertained, but mostly they will learn how we are all connected to the earth and each other.

So today we share Season 1, Episode 5, “Ihaka’s Rainbow of the Sea” – which takes place in Moeraki, New Zealand. It focuses on a 12-year-old Maori boy, Ihaka, who loses his hand in a tragic bicycle accident. He also loses Hope and the Will to continue on toward his dreams of helping to save the blue whales. But his physical therapist and resourceful friends have other plans, determined to make sure Ihaka finds meaning again. What unfolds is an experience none of them ever expected and a realization that changes, not just Ihaka’s life, but all of their lives.

The next phase for Moon Drake is our dynamite sizzle reel that shows the essence of this international production so that we can present the project to investors. In our heart of hearts, we believe this series is going to reach kids everywhere, all around the world. Please take a look at this project, share the website with your friends who may want to learn more. We thank you for your inspiration, vision and support, and especially for your belief in the dynamic potential of this anime series, Moon Drake!