Lesadi & Her Star by Jane L. Fitzpatrick

The Moon Drake anime series will take children on a worldwide journey, introducing them to powerful characters, cultures and traditions and the many environmental, human and spiritual conflicts and challenges the Earth faces.

Our purpose for Moon Drake is to bring awareness to our “living world,” so that these beautiful stories will be able to teach children and help them apply the wisdom they learn to their lives.

The first episode of the series highlights Kenya, Africa, where the poaching conflict is very real and detrimental to wildlife. It was important for us to bring light to this part of the world, and the challenges it faces, as we have a daughter living in Kenya, who we have supported since she was three years old. We felt it was fitting that the first episode be focused on the world where she lives.

Here is an introduction to the story, Lesadi & Her Star, Episode 1.2:

After the death of her father, Obasi, Lesadi is pulled from her mother and little sister by a greedy uncle, Boipelo. Her uncle’s quest is to steal wildlife for profit, specifically cheetah cubs for sale as exotic pets to the Middle East. The backdrop of this story is the African bush, the savanna, wild animals and unpredictable conditions. When Lesadi loses heart, her father comes to her in a dream to help her remember something she has long forgotten. Then, Lesadi is faced with a dangerous choice and discovers an unexpected hero.

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