Zhivka & Mitko – Writer/Producer, Martin Nuza, joins Moon Drake!

By Martin Nuza – You never know what life will bring. If you just keep walking toward your dream and purpose, you encounter the most amazing experiences, wonders and gifted, loving people along the way. Martin Nuza is one of those brilliant stars shining into the world. He is a gifted film producer and an outstanding storyteller and writer.

I have known Martin for almost two years. In that short period of time, he has become an active and valuable member of Broken Hand Productions’ team. As a producer for Sacajawea and producer/writer for Moon Drake, Martin is firmly devoted to our projects in development, and we are all extremely grateful for his expertise.

As many of you know, our Moon Drake Anime Series for children is really taking off. We are working with an award-winning animation team (more about them soon), and we have incredible writers onboard creating powerful, captivating and meaningful content for our first season. To my greatest joy, one of those writers is Martin. He has truly astounded me by his vibrant storyline for episode 2.3 set in Bulgaria, and his quick writing skills. Once he was finished with Bulgaria, he immediately began writing a second episode set in India. As a writer, it is such a joy to see him take an idea, ponder, research, grasp the emotion and put it all into words. It’s a beautiful melody that comes together for the children of the world. It is fascinating.

Here is the story description for the Moon Drake EPISODE 2.3 – Bulgaria, Zhivka & Mitko, that Martin just finished yesterday! As I read the screenplay it brought tears to my eyes. With all that is going on in the world, children and adults need to see this beautiful story which shares the ultimate message of hope:

“Zhivka, an innocent girl, encounters a shocking reality when her perfect life is turned upside down by corrupt businessmen who are destroying the environment by contaminating their land, which threatens their premeditated eviction. It is up to Zhivka to find a way to help her mother save their land and bring justice once and for all. This is their story.”

You will not be surprised to learn that Martin is a celebrated and award-winning writer and producer who has a long track record of projects over 25 years. He has helped develop and package hundreds of projects and several of his feature films have won multiple awards, including The Shepherd and Scotland, both in 2019.  Scotland was selected for the first selection round of the 92nd Academy Awards in Los Angeles for Best Picture in 2020. In addition, Martin has been awarded “Best Producer” from both Oniros Film Festival in Italy, and from the Vegas Movie Awards in Las Vegas for his project The Woods Encounter. Martin’s long list of productions began in 2005 and has soared ever since.

As you can see, I am a great fan of Martin Nuza. The production team and I are so humbled and honored for such a gifted professional to offer his talents and creativity to the projects that mean so very much to us.


Please check out Martin on IMBD at: Martin Nuza – IMDb

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